Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake Continue 2018 Run

In just a few short years since their introduction, Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake have revolutionized the natural supplements field. Both products are made from all-natural pure fruit extracts and are free from artificial preservatives, stimulants, and additives. Berry Sleepy promotes healthy, natural sleep, and is a safe alternative to prescription sleep medications and traditional over-the-counter sleep aid products, both of which can have harmful and unpleasant side effects. It uses superfruit extracts, which are natural sources of melatonin and serotonin, pea protein, and vitamins to improve both the duration and quality of sleep, leaving users rested and refreshed in the morning. Berry Sleepy is available in both vegetarian capsules and the convenient Berry Sleepy Sleep Shots in two delicious flavors, Strawberry and Mixed Berry.

Berry Awake was recently introduced to the supplements market. It is an all-natural energy shot, combining powerful fruit extracts with vitamins, green tea, and antioxidants to deliver sustained and gradual energy without the crash. Like Berry Sleepy, Berry Awake’s formula is sugar-free and does not contain artificial stimulants, which only give the sensation of energy. Healthy Ventures, the parent company of Berry Sleepy and led by seasoned consumer products leader James Lacey, continues to develop innovative products that harness the power of superfruits and all-natural ingredients for healthful living.

Berry Sleepy/Awake made stops at Expo West and Expo East in 2018.

Berry Sleepy’s Development

The idea for Berry Sleepy began when two parents in Kansas City, Kansas found themselves tossing and turning at night. Frustrated by the demands of busy work lives and exhausted caring for their three young children, the husband-and-wife couple sought a natural way to fall asleep quickly and to stay asleep. They learned about superfruits and some of the seemingly miraculous properties of fruits like tart cherries, goji berries, and passion fruits. With the help of a pharmacist, they developed a natural formula containing pure fruit extracts. The results were immediate and incredible: both parents could go to sleep easier, stay asleep longer, and wake up ready to take on each new day with energy and focus.

With the help of James Lacey, the couple brought their company to Westlake Village, California under Jim’s Healthy Ventures umbrella. Jim’s track record of successes in the consumer products industry has allowed the company to enjoy explosive growth. Today, the company’s products are in demand by people all over the world – people who want natural, safe, and effective alternatives to traditional sleep aids and energy drinks.

The Future of Berry Sleepy/Berry Awake

Fresh off a National Gold Sponsorship of two prominent consumer products expos, including Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, California, Healthy Ventures received the Drug Store News Retail Excellence (REX) Award. Then, the company inked a deal with “Modern Living with Kathy Ireland”, a television program hosted by former supermodel Kathy Ireland.

Ms. Ireland has made a name for herself as a natural products advocate in recent years, and her show helps introduce healthful products to her viewers. Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake products will be featured on the cable news show, broadcast on Bloomberg and WE TV and reaching 250 million households. The future is looking very bright for Berry Sleepy/Berry Awake, which continues to roll out new products and new flavors.

To see more clips, visit Lacey’s YouTube channel

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