The Berry Sleepy Difference

All-natural sleep aid Berry Sleepy is coming on the scene as a healthy alternative to sleeping pills and over-the-counter medications.

Born from a desire for a natural sleep aid, Berry Sleepy started as a solution for two tired parents and quickly grew to revolutionize the sleep aid industry. Jim Lacey, an experienced entrepreneur and business leader, helped take the concept of Berry Sleepy and shepherd it through its growth phase. His expertise in the consumer products field has led to the development of additional products, and now Berry Sleepy is a highly sought-after natural sleep solution for customers around the world.

Berry Sleepy’s Start

The original Berry Sleepy concept was developed by Adrienne and Greg Doring of Kansas City, Kansas. Faced with the demands of busy work lives and sleepless nights taking care of their three young children, the couple struggled to fall asleep and to stay asleep at night. They sought natural remedies out of concern for the potentially harmful effects of traditional over-the-counter or prescription sleep aids. When the couple learned about the powers of superfruits, an idea began to form. With the help of a talented pharmacist, a combination of natural fruit extracts was created. The results were nothing less than amazing – the couple went to sleep easily and woke up refreshed every morning, ready to take on the challenges of the day.

The Berry Sleepy Solution

So, what makes Berry Sleepy so revolutionary? It is the first natural sleep aid of its kind, and it relies on pure fruit extracts from three powerful superfruits. The Berry Sleepy formula includes:

Goji Berry Extract – packed with antioxidants and minerals, goji berries also contain two vital components to help promote high-quality sleep. These components are thiamin and magnesium. Both work together to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and to provide energy the following morning.

Tart Cherry Extract – the fruits contain natural melatonin in optimal sleep-promoting levels, improving both the quality and duration of sleep while improving sleep patterns.

Passion Fruit Extract – passion fruit is a natural source of serotonin, used by the human brain to calm and to relax tired bodies and minds. Serotonin promotes healthy sleep by helping to regulate sleep patterns.

The fruit extracts are sourced and processed in a way that preserves their natural sleep-enhancing abilities. Gone are the restless nights and the groggy feeling the next morning; Berry Sleepy helps people fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up full of energy and vitality. 

Berry Sleepy is also free from harmful or dangerous additives. Prescription sleep aids and traditional sleep-promoting products may have unpleasant side effects, leading to unnatural sleep patterns and a tired, groggy feeling in the morning. Berry Sleepy works to provide natural, restful sleep by harnessing the power of superfruits. Now, thousands of people turn to Berry Sleepy to promote a great night’s sleep without struggles or harmful side effects.

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